Kenneth Kavulu, BBS Terefayina, Kampala (Uganda)

Kenneth Kavulu, BBS Terefayina, Kampala (Uganda)

Kenneth is an experienced journalist, with four years working as a producer and a presenter for Buganda Broadcasting Services. He presents a weekly programme (roughly translated as “life in the slums”) which deals with the social issues linked to living in poverty and has won seven awards. Kenneth has recently started a community project to clean up his local community. His efforts caught the eye of the King of Uganda, and now he works with the Kabaka Foundation to bring partnerships to the slums to reduce the unsanitary conditions caused by poverty.

Project: Conduct a project which empowers the community and raises awareness about the health risks of poor sanitation and symptoms of related diseases. He also wants to encourage people to demand landlords to provide better lavatories.

Twitter: @kenkavulu

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