Abdullahi Tsanni, Freelancer, Abuja (Nigeria)

Abdullahi Tsanni is an award-winning freelance science journalist and the communications team lead of Science Communication Hub Nigeria, an online community of scientists and journalists focused on promoting the public understanding of science in Africa. He was most recently inducted as a fellow of the African Science Literacy Network (ASLN) by the University of Sussex, UK, in October 2019 at a ceremony held in Abuja, Nigeria. Earlier in November 2019, he became the 2019 Best Agric Biotech Journalist of the Year for the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa (OFAB) Nigeria.

Project: Create an action plan for selected areas of Nigeria, to increase accountability and encourage better sanitation in Nigeria. To document his findings, he wants to establish a YouTube channel to create short videos based on sanitation and public health related issues. This would allow him to work with universities and organisations across Nigeria to report on new innovations and tools which are being developed.

Twitter: @abdultsanni

Online articles:

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