Promoting the Africa Sanitation Policy Guidelines

The African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) is leading the development of the Africa Sanitation Policy Guidelines (ASPG) to support African countries in the review or development of inclusive sanitation policies, and ensure the Ngor Declaration Targets and the Sustainable Development Goals are reached by 2030. The ASPG will harness these commitments and assist all countries as they build effective sanitation policies and laws.

Many of the sanitation challenges faced today can be prevented with increased and adequate funding for sanitation, with clear roles and responsibilities among government actors. The ASPG will lay a path for adoption by governments, building upon previous efforts to increase access to sanitation.

The ASPG will strengthen existing efforts by providing foundational and progressive policy and legal frameworks that can be actively used and adapted to individual countries.

As CAPOOP, our mission is to influence policies and practices while showcasing innovative approaches to reach sustainable sanitation in Africa. Therefore, we strive to support the creation of enabling environment for improved access to safely managed sanitation for all. Members support AMCOW in different ways such as country stakeholder consultations, advocacy and communications, and awareness raising in an effort of impact the sanitation policy landsacpe in Africa.