Current initiatives

Given the low volume of high-quality, in-depth coverage of these issues, in August 2019 CAPOOP launched a continent-wide media fellowship.

The media fellowship will educate journalists on opportunities and challenges and improve their access to the key news and updates relating to sanitation across Africa. This will therefore increase their interest and capacity to write about these issues in the medium to long-term, improving quality and quantity of sanitation coverage.

At the end of 2019, a CAPOOP selection committee worked through the applications, to help choose the final 8 fellows.
Fellows were selected based on their experience, motivation and quality of their proposed research project. The group was evenly split of English and French speakers, with an even gender balance.

To kick off the fellowship, all fellows were invited to the to the 20th AfWA International Congress and Exhibition in Kampala, Uganda 24th – 27th February 2020.
During this time, the selected fellows were given the opportunity to attend talks, meet key actors in the WASH sector and gather information about key WASH initiatives.

Following the training in Kampala, selected fellows are supported in progressing projects and developing four features relating to the importance of improving sanitation access and facilities for a duration of one year.
Fellows are given access to leading experts and spokespeople in the WASH sector to help aid their reporting and analysis. They are also provided with the latest news and updates from the sector.